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Since the age of six, writing poetry, stories and music has been a big part of my life. I’m fortunate that at my current age the desire has yet to wane. I continue to enjoy writing poetry, creating stories and screenplays and delving into photography. I trained in method acting in Nashville, Tennessee over 30 years ago and have had many wonderful opportunities in film and television, both in the U.S. and in the U.K. Some of these titles include The People v Larry Flint, Adam Joan, Trainspotting 2, Toy Box Killers, Black Heart and River City. I have also featured in music videos with Dua Lipa and Oliver Heldens & Riton. Although born in Washington, DC and having lived in Beijing, Monaco and France, my home is in the United Kingdom, where I embrace my Scottish heritage, and love of literature and film. Yoga and mindfulness are my passions which I share with my husband. I grew up spending my summers sailing on our 1920s fifty-foot Herreshoff schooner on the Chesapeake Bay. The story of The Lamplighter is particularly special to me as it was borne of a lifelong love of lighthouses which developed during those early sailing adventures. The Lamplighter is a novel and a feature screenplay which won six international awards in 2021. My other screenplays include the feature No Spring Till Now and short films Off The Lead, My Field and La Vie En Doses.

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It’s 1870. A tragic shipwreck exposes the destitution of wreckers surviving on the West Coast of Scotland, who depend on looting merchant sea folk for their survival. Two men, brought together by circumstance learn to break with tradition and follow their dreams of love and literature. One of the men a brilliant young writer is inspired to produce such famous works as Treasure Island, Kidnapped and the Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

A nested story or 19th-century lighthouse building, the grim realities of poverty and the discovery of a new reason to love tell the tale of how ordinary people’s destiny is changed when a lamplighter appears in their lives. It is the story of technological and human endeavour that displaces the darkness of oppression with hope that lights they way to a new world of justice and kindness.

A dark comedy about discontented Georgina, who visits her estranged sister, Poppy, in the Scottish Borders to find she is dying of cancer. Dredging through menopause and unapologetically abrupt towards her, Georgina selfishly plans a ‘fun’ boat trip despite Poppy’s weakened condition and her husband’s resistance.
Old wounds open up and new secrets are revealed as they clash about their current and past life decisions. Georgina revives her rivalrous feelings towards a forgiving yet fading Poppy, who in turn has sworn to keep a lurid secret all the way till the end.

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"I've known Pamela for a few years now and have had the pleasure of acting with her in the world of short films. She is an extremely positive person, who is fully committed to every project she undertakes. I truly believe that supporting her with the Lamplighter book publishing will be well worth the effort!"

~ William Samson, Director, Writer, Actor

"As her agent and friend I am proud to have played a part in Pamela's burgeoning career and very glad to see her creative talent building a bridge between acting and writing in The Lamplighter. This wonderful person knows no bounds!"

~ David Bell, Actor's Agent

"In the blockbuster Indian film "Adam Joan" Pamela played her character very well and was amazing in going the extra mile to help us manage so many things as we were new in the UK. She was truly a director's actor - and unequivocally the best police constable this town has ever seen. Thank you dear friend."

~ K Satheesh, Director, Producer

"Pamela was very easy to work with as co-star on set. She made shooting a terrifying scene oddly pleasurable"

~ Simon Weir, Actor

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